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I am a co-host of the Disability Collab Podcast and regularly guest appear on other podcasts. Have a listen here.

The Disability Collab

The need for a diverse media has never been greater than right now. Introducing the Disability Collab initiative, a podcast for disabled freelancers everywhere. From pitching to commissioning, coping with WFH and dealing with discrimination, we have you covered.

The Sunflower Conversations

Izzie is a journalist and is using her lived experience as a young woman with cystic fibrosis to combat ableism through her writing. In this conversation we discuss how her chronic health condition, cystic fibrosis affects her daily life and how she manages her healthcare routine with work. Then we move on to what ableism is, the subtleties of it as well as the directness and where it can occur, such as on public transport and in the workplace.

Media Storm

Abelism enabled: The loopholes in Equality Law
If not for discrimination, why are disabled people struggling disproportionately to access work? And if there is discrimination, why is no one paying for it?

This week, we dig up the canyon of workplace ableism that has been buried in confidential settlements, or faced no reckoning at all. We look at the myriad of ways that ableism manifests in workplaces, and the loopholes and limitations of the law designed to prevent it.

The Equal Group

Isabelle Jani-friend is a freelance journalist and campaigner focusing on health and disability. Determined not to let her Cystic Fibrosis hold her back, Isabelle has used her disability to help build a career for herself and raise awareness about important issues such as equal access to healthcare and medication. She is also passionate about giving underrepresented groups a voice, and has written a number of articles on invisible illnesses and workplace discrimination which have been published across media outlets such as the Guardian, Independent and Lucuna Voices. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’ Isabelle Jani-Friend discusses her experiences of living with an invisible disability, the challenges that people with protected characteristics face when it comes to entering the world of work, and what employers working with underrepresented individuals need to be more aware of.

The World Transformed

Healthcare in crisis: Building international solidarity #TWT20

Decades of cuts and privatization in health care left us vulnerable to coronavirus. How can we ensure that healthcare workers have the protections they need and ensure that testing, treatments, and a future vaccine are available to all? Join us to hear how nurses and health justice activists around the world are fighting back to protect themselves, their patients, and their communities and discuss what it could mean to build meaningful international solidarity in response to this global pandemic. With Vijay Prashad, Tobita Chow, Hermes Torres Font, Rachel Ambrose, Izzie Jani-Friend & Deborah Burger.

Views Our Own

Welcome back to New Voices, where we introduce you to new, talented journalists! This week, we spoke to the wonderful Izzie Jani-Friend all about her career so far, her experience writing for and working at The Guardian, and her wonderful writings on living life with an invisible disability. 

The Meridian

Ollie and Eve are joined by freelance journalists Izzie Jani-Friend, Charlotte Colombo and Jonny Moynihan to discuss the UK’s post-lockdown rules and arrangements for a Coronavirus Christmas. The panel discuss the ethics of the Christmas rule-relaxation, the festive economic trade and vaccine rollout.

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